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The schnisM.net - system

This is a very short explanation of the schnism-system for foreign readers. I am sorry that I cannot translate the whole documents in english, to much of the humor would be lost. The technical details are translated in each and every detail.
What is the schnisM.net-system?! The schnism-system is a system to move your pc right in the middle of your live. Everything is controlled by the PC, your light, your hifi, your doors, and the pc reacts automagicaly on events. Someone enters your room - the light goes on, music starts to play and so on. The whole thing is something for real freaks, and it should not be taken too serious at all, even when the components may be very useful indeed.

The most asked features of the system:

Step 2 - pioct Controlling pioneer hifi-equipment pioct-e.html
Step 3 - lpswitch Switches are for whimps - real men use relais. lpswitch-e.html

This is a relly short abstract. If you can, you rellay shoudl read the german version. But, as mentioned above, the technical details are as verbose as the german ones.